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[Extension Eyelashes ] 5D Flowering Lashes for Point Style

These days, there's a lash that a lot of people look for and order, so I'd like to introduce it to you! It's this lash.

What's the best thing about this lash?

We called '5D auto flowering' Lash

That's, five strands are clustered together, but they're light.

In particular, there is not much glue on the roots, so when you do the procedure, it doesn't hurt the customers' eyes or make them look different. It can create lashes that are really natural but so lovely!!

In fact, it is easy to make 5D volume lash such as pre-made fan , but this lash has 2 functions

Can make very different styles for each clients, it makes your business bigger

Some people told that current market is very smaller than before, and we can not make a lot of money in this business

Really? Do you think so?

Whenever we meet our buyers for business meetings, they are constantly researching, developing, and promoting them. They actively receive feedback from their customers.

And Creative New Style, this styles made their clients satisfy so much!

For those of you who are complaining that everything is not working, have you tried this? Try it. We focus on production, but every time we meet these buyers, it gives us a great stimulus and helps us as we grow.

We can provide samples, but I am sorry that they are not free

After Order, we will refund them

Do not worry about our quality and lead time!

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry, we welcome all inquires!

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