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BUJEN Flat Eyelashes - What is Flat Lash?

FLAT LASH? What is it? Why it is good?

Flat lash means that lash material shape is flat, not round such as Classic Eyelashes.

Usually, Flat eyelashes Thickness is 0.15 or 0.20 mm. But 0.15 mm is the most popular.

Even though, same thickness with classic eyelash, Flat eyelash looks thinner due to shape of eyelashes.

If you use Flat eyelash

  1. Since the root of the eyelashes is flat, the glue adhesive surface becomes wider than other classic eyelashes. Therefore, glue-adhesion becomes easier, can be glued on natural eyelashes stably, and sustainability is stronger.

  2. The flat lash creates more of a wispy eyeliner effect on the eye, whereas the classic lash creates a very subtle natural look.

Flat lashes are better effect for you, because they provide:

  • Increased eyeliner effect

  • Amplified texture

  • Improved retention because the contact area for the adhesive is larger

  • More volume without the extra weight

  • Elevated drama

  • Ability to use less adhesive


Thickness: 0.15 & 0.20 mm , we have 0.12 mm, but there is not many selling

Curl: J, JC, C,CC,D , DD, L

Line: 16 lines

Color: Black

Material: 100% Korea PBT, MATTE TYPE

If you need sample test, please let me know, we can offer like below.

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