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BUJEN color extension eyelashes


Material: KOREA PBT

These color individual eyelashes are soft and glossy. They are made from synthetic silk.

Colored lash extensions can be so fun, but so intimidating to some! We want to share how lash artists are styling their colored lashes. it is so fun to do for an everyday look or for a special days

Colored mascara has been around for years, but colored eyelash extensions provide the extra benefit of volume and length. Colored lashes also come in varieties like ombré and can be mixed in with black lashes or a variety of hues for unique looks.


Multi-Length Trays of colored lash extensions are available in both Classic and Volume diameters and the following curls:

  • C Curl

  • CC Curl

  • D Curl

Lashes that resemble genuine hair colors, can be used alone, or mixed in with black, to create a simple highlighted look. Ombre lashes, (lashes that start out black or dark brown at the base, and then transition into a lighter hue or color at the tip,) can be used on clients to achieve a faint colored set. Ombre lashes in darker colors, such as blues, purples and browns still tend to be the most popular among this type of lash. Both of these gorgeous looks use darker or more neutral colored lashes, to create subtle highlights, that are more noticeable when viewed up close, or in the sun.

Brighter and more vibrant colors can also be mixed in to achieve a more festive or fun look. Mixing in neon and/or pastel colors draws attention to the eye, creating a anything from a more subtle flirty look, to a more illuminated dramatic look. This will depend on amount of color used, and placement of the colored lashes throughout the lash line. Volume and/or classic colored extensions can be mixed randomly or placed strategically, depending on the look you wish to achieve. Using color this way creates a more dynamic and bold look, and helps to highlight eye color, or make the eyes “pop”.

As an additional bonus, lash artists can use color lash extensions as an add-on or up-sell to a traditional full set, charging more for the beautifully and artistically placed colored lashes.

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