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3D Pre Made fan Eyelashes

You want to give your clients beautiful, full volume lashes, and now you can - even if you have only had classic lash training, or are still working on perfecting your hand-made fans.

Why you need Shulashes?

  • Stable Curl. Curl and thickness stable up

  • Foil Strips. No residues, easy to tear off well

  • Long Stream and very sharp, it looks very natural and soft

  • No Kink. Loose natural, all same length.

  • More Thick. Even ends, denser roots.

Each pack contains 1 tray of lash(12 Lines) or (16 Lines) or (20 Lines)

Best 3D Volume Lashes Extensions

Mastering the 3D volume technique is time-consuming and can be very frustrating

Our 3D fans look even better than handmade volume extensions as our fans are symmetrical and evenly spaced. Even the best-trained volume lash technician cannot compete with our perfectly spaced lash fans.

Using fans will save a lot of time because you don’t need to make your fans yourself. This means you will save a lot of time, you can take more customers and you will make more money!

It is very scrupulous to make volume fans by yourself as it takes much more effort because of so thin materials and therefore your eyes, back and neck might take huge damage during the years. Using our 3D volume lashes you will save your health as working with these fans needs much less physical effort and is much less stressful than making fans on your own.

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