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3D, 4D, 5D YY LASH PRIVATE LABEL in Lash Factory

Will there come a day when people recognize our lashes?

We hope our customers will appreciate the quality of our products among the countless factories. Our lashes are a cost-effective option compared to other pre-made fan lashes.

With a greater quantity of lashes, we can provide services to more customers. Additionally, the flat root of the lashes allows for better adhesion even with less glue, enhancing longevity.

Naturally, there are already numerous products available in the market, and many are being purchased. We tailor our production to meet the specific needs of our customers, such as tape or cardboard designs with attached curls or lashes.

Especially, our lashes do not experience separation when removed, meaning they do not tear apart. If you use these lashes, you can provide beautiful fullness in a short amount of time. Your exceptional skills are needed



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