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[BUJEN EYELASH KOREA] What is extension eyelash? 연장속눈썹은 무엇일까요?

What is Extension Eyelashes?

One-two-one 1:1 (a technique to attach one strand to each strand) by adding each strand of fake eyelashes, which is a technique to make the eyelashes richer by increasing the length or thickness of the eyelashes!

Eyelash extensions are a very delicate technique to attach false eyelashes using glue, so accurate technology is required..Hahaha

Especially so that the glue doesn't get in the mucous membrane! You have to be careful!

Our client is from Spain, used BUJEN EYELASHES D curl 0.07mm with Mink classica lashes!!

The process of eyelash growth

It is said that eyelashes do not continue to grow like hair, but fall out and grow at a certain time.

Because there is a growth cycle, it does not continue to grow, but only grows a certain length!


GROWTH: A time when eyelashes continue to grow

Degenerator: Atrophy period when hair follicles have stopped growing

Recess: When hair follicles contract and fall out

Early growth: When eyelashes continue to grow

But it can be different depending on the person ^^

It usually has a life span of 1 to 6 months, and it protects our eyes for about 3 to 5 months, and then naturally drops out after about 6 to 8 months. The eyelashes that naturally fall out without damaging the hair follicles or eyelids grow back, and I think it takes about six weeks!

Then, what is the growth cycle of eyelash function?

Basically, the function of the eyelashes is to prevent foreign substances from entering the eyes.

The upper lashes are longer and tighter than the lower lashes, and the upper lashes grow an average of 100-150 and the lower lashes grow an average of 70-80 lashes.

Eyelashes grow 0.2 to 0.5 mm per day up to 0.18 mm and are within 0.07 to 0.15.

The growth rate of fake eyelashes is about 5.4mm per month, and each person has a different growth rate.

It depends on the sex, age, season, health status, nutritional status, endocrine status, and disease status of each body part.

Night grows faster than day, so it is more effective to apply eyelash nutrients at night.

You can use nutritional supplements to speed up growth and make it grow faster!

BUJEN eyelash material is mainly provided with mink yarns instead of Silk yarns

Of course, there is a silk eyelash, but the matte mink lash, which looks dark with matte, gives you a more natural look

When I test all the samples I received from other factories in China and Vietnam, it is often inconvenient to take them out with tweezers.

It's hard to take it out one by one, or the tape with the lashes on it falls off

If you want to test our eyelash, please send Email or Whatsapp message!

We will offer the sample in free

Only send pictures after using our eyelash, and we are going to give yoy 20% discount of first order!

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